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Makebe Leather Spur Strap - Choose Colour

Makebe Leather Spur Strap - Choose Colour

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These gorgeous quality leather spurs straps are great matches to the other coloured Makebe technical range.

Spur strap, Tuscan colored leather. Unisex. Made in Italy. Thought for the sealing of the spur and agility fit. Equipped with square metal buckle. Set for a couple.





Makebe is always looking for a link between tradition and innovation. With so many years of experience in the equestrian industry, Makebe aims to express through his creations the true story of products that are synonymous of style and Italian culture. The Makebe creations are entirely handmade in Italy with original materials, as a result of a lifestyle based on hard work, dedication, creativity and imagination, using modern technology. A specialized Italian Manufacturing Know-How and Expertise that combines age old Tradition with some of the most advanced 21st century Techniques.
Makebe is a brand based on family values, honesty and loyalty. Passion is the center of everything. Diversity and uniqueness are the cornerstones of Makebe productivity.

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