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Mattes Slimline Short Girth - Anatomic Shape - IN STOCK
Mattes Slimline Short Girth - Anatomic Shape - IN STOCK

Mattes Slimline Short Girth - Anatomic Shape - IN STOCK

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Meeting the highest demands: with leather

SLIM LINE is one of our latest generation girths - and it has already proven itself many times over: The super premium quality lambskin cover is removable and the whole girth has a flat and slimline design. This looks much more elegant and provides greater freedom of movement around the elbows. Visible areas are finished in high quality leather. The plastic inserts are easy to remove before washing and just as quick to replace once the girth is dry.

Which girth does your horse need? We’re happy to help you.

Design your SLIM LINE short girth to suit your needs and preferences: the short girth is available in a range of lengths from 50 cm to 120 cm. The tough leather comes in your choice of black, brown or champagne, while the functional lambskin is available in more than 30 fascinating colours. The short girth is available with or without elastic buckle straps. Replacement girths and lambskin are available separately.

Anatomical: For horses with a well-defined girth groove, this girth is contoured a little at the front and back around the elbow area.

Asymmetric: For horses whose girth groove is closer to the elbows or less well-defined, this girth is significantly contoured at front the around the elbow area.

Crescent: If a horse has a short back, a broad ribcage or a narrow chest, the girth often slips forward - the crescent shape prevents this.

Athletico: For horses with an athletic, wedge-shaped physique. The design of the girth prevents the saddle and girth from sliding back.

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