New PS of Sweden Fall/Winter 2018 Rider Wear Collection

New PS of Sweden Fall/Winter 2018 Rider Wear Collection

Dear Fashionistas

As we sat anxiously waiting for the go - ahead to post the new collection for sale, and watch the few that try and sneak in early, sipping a lovely glass of Merlot, just to match in with the new collection.....I fell asleep. So I wasn't the first off the mark, but alas today is another day.

So this morning I was able to share the gorgeous photos. What do I think of the collection?


I have to say I do wish we were also going into winter, though I understand in Tasmania, a jacket is a year-round necessity - so lucky you Tasmanians! But there were several nice vests and breeches which we can all enjoy in the coming months.

There were a few thin fleece/furry looking light jackets, but sorry, for the price they don't look that fantastic. These were the Coco, Michelle, and Alva models. I'll skip on those.

On to the winners for me!

The Kate sweater looks fantastic, in beautiful Emerald and Merlot colours

 And the Zara jacket looks fantastic in Merlot

My Favorite jacket was the Madeleine, however looks like we just might have missed the season for it - and in classy black too.


The breeches look very nice, they have a particularly flattering shape suited to womens' curves, something that seems to have been previously hard to find. The breeches are available in knee and full grip in several colours, but the stand out for me was the white.

It looks like we will have to wait a bit longer for the Denim breeches to be available, but they also look fantastic, though a bit pricier than I would have hoped, coming in at around $250 AUD retail. 

In summary, for me the key pieces are the Merlot jackets and vests, alond with the Emerald Kate sweater. The merlot is a stand out colour, the PS of Sweden Merlot saddle pad is equally as nice. Burgundy is definitely a trend this season, so don't be left behind on this one. 

I have selected what I think are the best items from this collection for my fantastic Horse Fashionistas to pre-order through the website. Expected delivery about 1/10/18. 


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