VIP Rewards Club


Welcome to Horse Fashion VIP Rewards Club

We love the old-fashioned idea of personal service and loyalty. In order to reward our loyal customers, Horse Fashion Australia has created the HF VIP Customers Rewards Club.

The HF VIP Rewards club is open to all customers who have placed an order and created a store account. An account is easily created by clicking the "Account" icon next to the cart icon at the top right corner of the page. All that is needed is your name and email address. By joining, you do agree to receive emails from us. 

The VIP Rewards Club is free to join.

All orders placed by logged-in store account holders will qualify. Rewards members will receive 5% cashback in Rewards Credit (or more, depending on your VIP tier) on orders placed. The credit will be in the form of store credit, redeemable on any future order (before expiry). 

Members can top up your rewards balance with rewards from multiple orders. Your transaction history and VIP Tier can be viewed in the sidebar widget.


Rewards tiers are based on customer lifetime spend with Horse Fashion Australia (in AUD).

Basic: Lifetime spend < $2500: Receive 5% Cashback Rewards Credit on orders

VIP Level 1: Lifetimes Spend $2,500-$5,000: Receive 8% Cashback Rewards Credit on orders

VIP Level 2: Lifetime Spend $5,000-$10,000: Receive 10% Cashback Rewards Credit on orders

VIP Level 3: Lifetime Spend over $10,000: Receive 15% Cashback Rewards Credit on orders



How do I use my HF VIP Rewards Cash

  • Add the items to your cart that you would like to order. Then click on the VIP Rewards Widget at the bottom Left corner of your screen, select how much store credit you would like to use, then press checkout. The store credit will appear on your order as a discount.

    When do my Rewards expire?

    • If you are on Basic, VIP Level 1, VIP Level 2, or VIP level 3 your cashback will expire one year from issue.

      How do I earn HF VIP Rewards Credit?

      • You'll get 5% of the total (or more, depending on your VIP tier) of any order placed in rewards credit. 

      • Sometimes there may be additional special offers.

        Can I use a discount code with my VIP Rewards Credit? 

        • Absolutely! Our Rewards Credit is pretty much cash to spend on our website and can be used in conjunction with any discount codes. If you have any issues with this please contact us.

          What is "Lifetime Spend"?

          • Lifetime spend is how much you have spent with Horse Fashion Australia since our inception in 2018. Even purchase previous to our VIP Loyalty program count towards this amount (however no credit rewards will be issued for previous purchases.)

            If I already have a Horse Fashion Australia store account, does this make me a HF VIP Rewards member?

            • Yes, If you already have a store account with Horse Fashion Australia you will automatically become a HF VIP Member. You will need to make sure you are logged into your Horse Fashion account when you make purchases.

              What if I have used a different email address at checkout?

              • In this case, contact us and we will adjust your Reward Credit onto your correct VIP Loyalty Card associated with your correct email.



              You may need to check spam folder initially for the Reward Program/Gift card emails. 


              Terms and condition are subject to change at the discretion of Horse Fashion Australia.