Collection: Barnery

The magnetic bridle holder is mobile, stable, and safe for your horse due to its design. The magnet allows for attachment without drilling or screwing.


Attach the bridle holder to any magnetic surface. Always ready when you need a place to hang your bridle or halter. The best part: No drilling or screwing required.


Are you tired of your current bridle holders often breaking and potentially causing injuries due to sharp edges? Then we have a solution for you. We have designed the Barnery with safety in mind so that if you or your horse happen to run into our bridle holder, it will simply fall off and you can easily reattach it.


We like bright and tasteful colors in our stable, so we have made it our mission to improve your daily life in the stable with bridle holders in many charming colors. The round shape and curved support surface of the Barnery is also a real eye-catcher.