Collection: PIVO Pod

What is PIVO (simple version):
Pivo is a rotation device that holds your smartphone and connects to it via an App and Bluetooth. Pivo has a program to track a horse shape and record video. Therefore it will follow your horse as you ride (or do groundwork etc) and record. For video recording, no phone data or internet is required, only storage capability. Pivo also has an app called Pivo Cast where you can have remote lessons with an instructor (this does require phone data).
~Pivo is a great, simple, fairly inexpensive tool that we believe is super value. Please be aware of the following points
~Pivo does not use a tracking device attached to the rider/horse. Therefore it will work best in situations where there is only one horse to track (ie not in an arena with multiple horses) as at this stage it cannot differentiate between horses and will track whichever horse is closest to it.
~The quality of the video depends a lot on your smartphone, please check the list of compatible smartphones before purchasing. You are also able to change the quality of the video through your phone camera settings. 
~If you are riding in shady areas or darker arenas you may need to use brighter coloured saddlecloth/clothing in order for the Pivo to recognise and track you
~The pivo website  and facebook group (Pivo Horse Riding Community) are very useful resources to aid in any problems you may have. 
~Using an app such as Splice or iMovie to edit your video and get still photos is great! 
~Be careful with your pod, it is a fairly fragile piece of technology. If it falls onto a hard surface there is a chance it may break and this type of damage is not covered by warranty.