Shop Smart to Create Your Matchy Outfit for Less

Shop Smart to Create Your Matchy Outfit for Less

How to Achieve the Matchy Outfit For Less

Taking one look at the above image (credit PS of Sweden) you can see there is a wonderful "picture" presented by the horse and rider. The overall feel we get from a well designed choice for horse and rider is rewarding to everyone involved. When we look good, we feel good! So how can you achieve this?

  1. Focus on one base colour for yourself. For example, if you are just starting out, choose a colour such as brown, tan or navy. Pick up a top and bottom in the same colour. You will be surprised how many outfits you can make match with these colours.
  2. Alternatively, one pair of denim breeches will also go with most everything, plus you can wear them out casually. Win/Win! One good pair of denim breeches is well worth the purchase price.
  3. Try Breggings instead of breeches. The PS of Sweden Mathilde full seat grip breggings are only $129 compared to their breeches that retail around $299. These breggings are a good weight, hold their shape, and are good quality. There are some leggings that are very thin and will not hold up to riding so make sure you shop around for quality.
  4. Use accessories to match different outfits. Once you have your solid colour outfit you can add a pop of colour with an Unbelt for only $55 to match different saddle pads. This will save you having to buy more clothing.
  5. Match the border or secondary colour in the pad rather than the base. For example, last year’s collection of PS Of Sweden all had gorgeous chocolate brown bindings. Instead of having to buy a set of bandages for each pad, consider buying one set of brown bandages or brown boots that will match all the pads in the collection. This also can match with your clothing base colour.
  6. Buy quality. Save up that extra bit and buy items or brands that are true and tested. Not only are they likely to be better made, better fitting, and more comfortable for you and your horse, in the long run, your few items that cost a bit more will well outlast your 5 items that were very cheap and will need replacement in a few months time. Also, quality items tend to have great resale values when you decide to change your look or want to upgrade.
If you are still thinking this sounds expensive, think about how you CAN afford this. Start small, one quality item at a time. If you have a heap of old things piled in the tack room, time to do a clean out. Even if the things aren't worth much, they are better off somewhere else for a few dollars than wasting away in your tack room.
The goal is not to be matching so much that you are wearing the same colour everywhere, it is more to create a tidy and smart image so you look and feel good. The comfort and well being of the horse should also not be sacrificed to look good - but if you stick with quality brands and good horsemanship this is normally on point. We all know that when you feel good this will translate to more confident riding. Everyone will find and develop their own style - if you need a bit of help Horse Fashion Australia would love to assist!


PS of Sweden Mathilde Breggings are a quality, affordable matchy option (Photo from PS of Sweden)

Denim Breeches are very versatile and double as casual wear. (Photo courtesy of PS of Sweden)

An example of matching to the secondary binding colour to make your accessories more verstaile. This is the PS of Sweden Ice Coffee pad matched with PS of Sweden Brown Boots.


An Unbelt is a great affordable accessory to match your same outfit to different colour pads.

Having one versatile top in a base colour such as white, black, or navy is a great start to build on. Check out the Anique tops - they are super comfortable, stylish, and sun safe!


This beautiful combination from PS of Sweden is comprised of the Liza Breech, but try the Mathilde Bregging in Chocolate if you are on a budget, Merlot saddle pad and bonnet, and Zara Jacket. You could also use brown boots the same as above with the Ice Coffee pad. Under the Zara you could go with a Navy Audrey polo which is very versatile. Add a brown or navy Unbelt to coordinate with your top or breeches colour. 

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