Which Incrediwear Equine Product is Right for Me?

Which Incrediwear Equine Product is Right for Me?


I have been receiving some questions about the Incrediwear Equine range - a common one being: "Which item of Incrediwear should I get first?"

Here are a few pointers for you:

1. If your horse is stabled and/or you are travelling a lot to competitions with overnight stays, I would recommend the Incrediwear Circulation Standing Wraps. These are great for recovery, reducing swelling or stocking up, and are great for using in the float as well to help the horse thermoregulate and arrive with fresh legs. These are not based on compression (which decreases blood flow) - instead they actually help increase blood flow and accelerate the body's natural response. Any non-theraputic standing wrap bandage can be used over the top to secure - we love the Makebe ones, or any knit type bandage that is breathable and doesn't have too much stretch (we don't need to wrap super tight or with added pressure).  Soon everyone will be asking how your horse's legs look so good!

2. If your horse has a specific injury or area such as the fetlock, pastern, knee, or hock that is needing treatment or in the healing process, the Incrediwear Equine Hoof Socks would be a good choice. They can be used two ways: wet for 45mins-1hr for a cooling effect to draw heat out and reduce swelling, or dry for the same effect but can be used for long periods of time. If left on for long periods of time they will need to be secured with standing wraps to help keep them in place. 

3. If you are an everyday rider and looking for a way to help keep your horse healthy and cool, or if you are rehabilitating a tendon injury the Incrediwear Equine Exercise Bandages would be a great choice. The bandages can be used dry for exercise, then hosed down afterwards for a cooling treatment. For exercise they help thermoregulate the leg while also increasing circulation and reducing fatigue, hoping to decrease risk of injury or re-injury. Excellent for our Australian climate! 

The Hoof Socks and Standing Wraps can be used together for more complete coverage.

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