Collection: Finesse Bridles

No ordinary Bridle

Have you tried fitting a finger under the neckpiece of your bridle after having tightened it? You almost can’t fit a finger under there, can you?

​When you buy a Finesse Bridle, you will not have this problem. These Bridles have a completely unique head piece, which is designed to distribute and reduce pressure from the poll on the neck of your horse. This in turn, as the connection to the rest of the body, has incredible effects on the comfort and muscle use throughout the entire body of the horse. Finesse Bridles are used by many of the best riders in the world, and the results speak for themselves.

Technical material

Engineers and other experts are behind this unique padding material. They made study for 10 years to find the right pressure reducing material. This unique material originates from the technology applied in hospital mattresses used for bedbound patients, to avoid issues of pressure sores. 

It is not memory-foam, but a uniquely designed fibre-material that allows the blood-flow to remain intact, in the parts of the body, in contact with the material. 

The name behind this unique bridle, is quite simply.. Finesse®

Shopping with Horse Fashion Australia

When buying from Horse Fashion Australia you can be confident that you are receiving the best possible customer service. Please contact us with any concerns or questions. We can also offer personalised sizing advice. 

We offer a Trial option (See product below) as we know this is a large investment and want you to be happy with the product for your individual horse. We also sell bridle parts (IE nosebands and headpieces separately - please email, can offer No-Flash bridle options, and have several beautiful custom sets available to purchase ready-made. Check out all the options below.