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Barnery Magnetic Bridle Holder 2.0 - PREORDER

Barnery Magnetic Bridle Holder 2.0 - PREORDER

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Discover Barnery's award-winning, magnetic bridle holder, which won the coveted innovation award at Spoga Horse not once, but twice in a row – in 2023 and 2024. This masterpiece of barn equipment combines sustainability with unsurpassed robustness and is almost indestructible. Our tests proved it: we parked a 5.2-ton horse carrier on it, and our bridle holder held up, a true testament to its exceptional resilience and durability. Made from recycled material, it is not only a statement of functionality, but also of environmentally conscious action.

With its fast, magnetic attachment without drilling, this bridle holder revolutionizes the way you organize your gear. It can be used flexibly – whether at the box, at the gate, on the metal cabinet or in the trailer – and far surpasses conventional bridle holders in terms of robustness. Its secure design releases on impact to protect both man and horse and holds up to 8kg. At higher loads, the holder shifts without breaking. An additional magnet at the bottom offers space for hoof scrapers or other accessories, making the snaffle holder an indispensable all-rounder.

This modern, elegant and reliable bridle holder is not only sustainable due to its durability, but also customizable. Design it according to your taste and give your stable a personal touch. Every detail has been developed and tested with love and the utmost care to ensure that you get a product that meets your high standards.

Let yourself be convinced by the innovative power of our bridle holder, which has already received the recognition of the professional world at Spoga Horse twice. Make your everyday stable life safer, more practical and more stylish. Our snaffle holder is a symbol of your love for horses, for sustainability and for quality that lasts. Get this unique, award-winning helper now and see how it changes your stable life for the better.



Magnetic Bridle Holder, Cloth Bag, Safety Tape


13 x 5 x 5 cm


150 g


High-quality, reinforced engineering plastic

Holding force

Up to 8 kg


Won't break under normal circumstances

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