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Barnery Magnetic Whip Holder - PREORDER

Barnery Magnetic Whip Holder - PREORDER

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Discover the revolutionary magnetic crop holder from Barnery, which stands out not only for its innovative function, but also for its extraordinary robustness and flexibility. As a highlight among the top 32 innovations of Spoga Horse 2024, this whip holder offers the perfect solution to a problem that many riders know all too well: the accidentally lost riding crop after the tournament.


7 x 4 x 4 cm


50 g


High-quality, reinforced engineering plastic

Holding force

Up to 4 kg

Who doesn't know it? After a strenuous competition, you quickly place the whip on the wheel arch of the trailer, only to find out later that it has been lost on the way home. The Barnery crop holder puts an end to this annoying problem. Thanks to its magnetic attachment system, it can be easily attached to the metallic elements of your trailer – even models made entirely of aluminium have these small but sturdy steel plates – so your whip is safely and within reach when you need it most.

The quick and easy magnetic attachment without drilling not only saves time, but also protects the surfaces of your equipment. The versatility of the crop holder allows you to use it in a variety of places: from the box to the gate to the metal cabinet and trailer. This product surpasses traditional crop holders not only in its adaptability, but also in its exceptional durability. The Barnery crop holder is so robust that it can even survive being run over by a car without damage – a true testament to its quality and durability.

The secure design, which comes loose on impact, minimizes the risk of injury and makes the crop holder an indispensable safety feature in your everyday stable. With the Barnery Magnetic Crop Holder, worrying about lost or damaged riding crops is a thing of the past.

Let yourself be convinced by the innovation and quality of this award-winning product. The Barnery Magnetic Crop Holder is more than just an accessory; it is a must-have for every rider who values practicality, safety and the longevity of their equipment. See for yourself how this crop holder makes your everyday life easier by keeping your riding crop safe and reliable where you need it – ready for your next adventure.

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