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Correct Connect ™ 3-in-1 Training Breastplate

Correct Connect ™ 3-in-1 Training Breastplate

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UGE best-seller! Our 3-in-1 Training Breastplate has helped so many riders of all levels and backgrounds. From just learning to balance while posting the trot to helping your horse reach toward the bridle into a correct forward connection, this training aid helps riders (and horses) fix ALOT of issue with just one piece of equipment! 

Correct Connect’s new breastplate combines stunning craftsmanship with practical functionality and a unique training attachment.  

Adjustable leather and elastic breastplate attaches to the D rings for saddle stability allows for freedom of movement in the shoulder. 

 HOW TO MEASURE FOR YOUR BREASTPLATE:  Using a measuring tape, measure from D-Ring to D-Ring around the horses chest. Measurements can be a little loose as you do not want the breastplate too tight and the t-grips should not be too low.  

Pony: 40"-49" or 102cm-124.5cm

Horse 49"-62" or 102cm-158cm

OS- 58"-66"or 147cm-168cm

  • Rubber lined Leather Attachable neck strap to conform to FEI neck strap rule. 
  • Loop to attach standing or running martingale. 
  • Fully adjustable and detachable leather T grips to help riders learn hand position stability and understand the horses seeking reflex to ride forward to the bridle. Great for dressage and jumping!  
  • In black or brown
  • Consider warming your horse up before using the t-grips and make sure they are loose enough to keep from restricting your arms too much. 
  • We recommend using under the watchful eye of a qualified instructor for best results! 

Fitting Instructions:


1. Collar should fit Snuggly around the base of the neck and attach to the D rings of the saddle 


2.  Toggles can attach to one of two rings on the collar based on horse size.  

3. To help the horse seek the contact,  gently lift up against the horses neck.  

4. Most riders prefer to hold the toggle between the their middle and ring finger with their reins held normally between the ring and little finger.

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