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Dy'on D Collection Anatomic Breastplate

Dy'on D Collection Anatomic Breastplate

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 Adjustable bridge
• 5 points of attachment
• Curved for completely unrestricted shoulder movements
• 6 cm long elastic bands for comfort
• Snap hooks for attaching to the saddle

  • Exclusive anatomic shape to free the shoulders
  • Padded breast and shoulders parts
  • 4 or 5 attachment points: 2 at saddle rings – 2 at girth straps – 1 removable under girth (to change the breastplate into a breast collar)
  • Each part of the breastplate is adjustable for perfect fit
  • Cream stitching
  • Brass buckles

The Premium Collections are made of Dy’on leather. This leather is produced by a vegetable tanning process developed by Philippe Dion and our partner tannery. This tannery is in Spain and has specialised in this technique for four generations. The vegetable tanning is as close as one can get to a lengthier traditional tanning process. It is more costly but yields incomparable quality.

Dy’on leather becomes more beautiful with passing time if it is cared for appropriately.

The items in the Premium collections are covered by lifetime warranties on all manufacturing and raw material defects.

The hallmark of this collection is its beauty :

All D Collection items are finished with cream-coloured thread and brass buckles.

Made from Dy’on leather, the D Collection is perfect for classic riding and is constantly being improved to meet the most demanding competition riders’ needs.

Its exceptional style makes this our most popular collection, the one that wins over the largest number of our customers. Its elegance and fine details never fail to make an impression!

All D Collection bridles come with our new S-shaped headpiece.

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