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Estrelle Design Saddle Pad | Wine

Estrelle Design Saddle Pad | Wine

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Modern, sporty, chic saddle pad with satin border. The saddle pad is made of our innovative 3D mesh and is therefore optimally breathable, pressure-reducing, shock-absorbing, very hard-wearing, quick-drying and, thanks to silver ions on the inside, also odor-neutralizing and antibacterial. In addition, soft artificial fur is attached to the front inside to protect the withers and mane. Due to the excellent breathability, the horse sweats significantly less, heat build-up is avoided, and the well-being of the horse is increased.

Modern, very light, hard-wearing saddle pad with innovative air chambers that ensure unique shock absorption and breathability. These are quite thin.

100% Polyester

Very easy to care for

Made in Germany

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