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Finesse Double Bridle | Black Leather with Silver Clincher Browband FLAT Leather

Finesse Double Bridle | Black Leather with Silver Clincher Browband FLAT Leather

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This stylish bridle is made with the best leather, and has specific ergonomic characteristics that reduce pressure and give you horse comfort through use of it's very special pressure-relieving filling and design.
This bridle gives your horse the comfort he needs, and at the same time looks stylish and elegant. 

Comes with a Silver Clincher browband - choices for noseband colours are matte black or lacquer black with black or white padding.


No ordinary Bridle

Have you tried fitting a finger under the neckpiece of your bridle after having tightened it? You almost can’t fit a finger under there, can you?

​When you buy a Finesse Bridle, you will not have this problem. These Bridles have a completely unique head piece, which is designed to distribute and reduce pressure from the poll on the neck of your horse. 

Technical material

Engineers and other experts are behind this unique padding material. They made study for 10 years to find the right pressure reducing material. This unik material originates from the technology applied in hospital mattresses used for bedbound patients, to avoid issues of pressure sores. 

It is not memory-foam, but a uniquely designed fibre-material that allows the blood-flow to remain intact, in the parts of the body, in contact with the material. 

The name behind this unique bridle, is quite simply.. Finesse®


A study performed by Katja Gabara, Emilie Gertz and Dr. Adrian Harrison, carried out on 12 Icelandic horses, proved that all horses with no exception showed much more free movement in the entire body wearing FinesseBridles® as opposed to wearing a standard bridle

The importance of this is, that while working wearing a FinesseBridle®, your horse will not experience the same amount of so called ‘pain-strikes’ (pain-strike defined as muscle overload during work). In the study, not only the muscles related to the neckpiece were studied, but also the myofascial lines known to have effect on the overall movement of the horse, from the base of the skull to the hindlimbs. These being m. Splenius and m. Brachiocephalicus.

An article regarding the qualities of FinesseBridles® was puplished in the OJVM 2020. A Well-cited scientific journal that publishes advanced and innovative studies conducted worldwide by scientific and veterinarians. 

Read the article here.