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Horseware Ice Vibe Cold Packs (Legs)

Horseware Ice Vibe Cold Packs (Legs)

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These Cold Packs are to be used under Ice-Vibe Boots to fit either front or hind legs.

  • Cold packs are cut on the diagonal to allow comfortable close fit and flared to fit over the fetlock joint
  • Wide Velcro closure for adjust-ability
  • Sold as a pair with a Right and a Left
  • Now with Gel Beading for better quality and effectiveness

Cold Packs can be used from the fridge or the freezer. Allow cold storage for at least 2 hours prior to use. If keeping in a freezer, we recommend storing in a plastic bag to prevent the cold packs sticking to the freezer or for freezer-frost to get onto the packs and then onto the horses' legs.

Can also be used for warm-treatments - using a basin of hot (never boiling) water, let the packs sit in the water to absorb heat and then apply to horse's legs. For most effective cooling of bloodflow, always use in conjunction with vibration to ensure circulation remains.

The only time vibration is not necessary is in the immediate cool-down after XC phase or after a race, as the heart-rate is sufficiently high to keep blood flow pumping. Once heart rate slows to normal or near normal, use vibration massage to encourage nutrients and oxygen into cells and tissues for repair and recovery as well as stimulating lymphatic drainage to reduce and potential inflammation.

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