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L'Evoine Alpaca Fleece Half Pad | Dressage or Jump

L'Evoine Alpaca Fleece Half Pad | Dressage or Jump

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The ergonomic saddle pad from L'Evoine impresses with similar medical properties to the well-known lambskin saddle pads or lambskin pads, but is considered an animal-friendly alternative and adds some useful advantages to lambskin:

✔️ anti-static and anti-allergic: Unlike sheep's wool, alpaca wool does not contain lanolin = wool fat, to which horses can react allergically

✔️ Inflamed sebaceous glands have been proven to recede

✔️ Shock-absorbing + pressure-distributing function thanks to extremely dense, crimped wool

✔️ Rider sits close to the horse's movement and can provide fine weight aids

✔️ Animal-friendly resource: Alpacas are sheared once a year

Alpaca wool is finer than sheep's wool and is only a third of the weight because its wool fibers have microscopic cavities inside. They can absorb up to 50% of their own weight in moisture without feeling wet. Woven into the fleece as a base for the saddle pad or saddle pad, these fine and shock-absorbing fibers lie directly on the horse's back and thus absorb sweat highly effectively. The alpaca saddle pads and saddle pads therefore act as true air conditioning, especially in hot temperatures, instead of additionally warming the animal. They effectively transport sweat to the outside and are proven to keep the saddle layer dry even under high loads.

The shock absorption of the fluffy alpaca fleece comes from the extremely fine, curly structure of the alpaca wool. Woven to a certain density, the alpaca fleece acts like a light air cushion, which softens shocks and, above all , demonstrably distributes the pressure evenly . Alpaca fleece has a significantly lower height than lambskin and cannot be used to compensate for height in the saddle position, but rather as a fine pressure pad with particularly skin-friendly properties . The alpaca fleece saddle pad must lie directly on the horse's back in order to develop its properties and cannot be seen under the dressage or jumping saddle pad. Therefore, L'Evoine only offers the dressage saddle pads in black and the jumping saddle pads only in gray as standard.

Why is the L'Evoine alpaca saddle pad particularly animal-friendly?

Unlike lambskin saddle pads and lambskin saddle pads, alpacas are shorn. Their wool is woven into an elastic fleece and no skin (leather) has to be processed.

The L'Evoine alpaca saddle pad and the alpaca fleece pad are therefore thinner and are ideal for horses with a sensitive saddle position or problems with sebaceous glands . An optimally adjusted saddle still fits perfectly and does not become too tight. All saddle pads and saddle pads are particularly ergonomically shaped and have an extra high cut withers . Since they do not have to be chambered again, they lie optimally on the horse's back and do not slip even without stripping.

Upper material: 100% cotton Lower material: 100% alpaca fleece

Made in Germany

The animal-friendly alternative to the classic lambskin – alpaca wool is obtained by the annual shearing of the animals. In contrast to a lambskin product, the animals can continue to enjoy their lives afterwards on the pasture. The saddle pad, which is lined with alpaca fleece, is used under the saddle pad and lies directly on horseback. The Alpaca fibres are soft but not too slippery. 

  • machine washable in wool cycle at 30 degrees
  • First of all, it is important to emphasize that alpaca fleece is naturally antibacterial and does not need to be washed as frequently as saddle pads made from synthetic materials. The alpaca fleece saddle pad or pad should be folded and placed in the machine with the fleece on the inside so that the cotton side is on the outside when the drum rotates. Before washing for the first time, the saddle pad should be soaked in cold water for 48 hours to prevent the pure cotton from shrinking. The saddle pad can then be washed at 30 degrees on a wool cycle with appropriate mild detergent. The alpaca fleece is usually almost dry again when it comes out of the machine and can be fluffed up a bit with your fingers. Under no circumstances should it be combed with a brush with a hook, as the rods can get caught in the woven structure.

- One size fits all- One Size - see measurements - 
Dressage spine 56cm - Jump Spine 61cm (jump is more forward cut at the front)

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