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L'Evoine Alpaca "Plaid Lynn" Blanket

L'Evoine Alpaca "Plaid Lynn" Blanket

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The Plaid LYNN made of high-quality baby alpaca wool with a noble linen border is versatile due to its material properties. Whether as a horse blanket, sofa plaid or dog blanket – the blanket impresses with its design and functionality. After training, the plaid ensures a temperature balance on the sweaty horse and transports the moisture away from the body, during the warm-up the plaid is a highlight on the tournament field due to its noble appearance.

- 130cm x190cm tall

- Upper 100% baby alpaca wool

- Belgian linen edging

- Made in Peru by Fair Trade


Blankets and plaids made of alpaca wool are ideal for equestrian sports due to their thermal properties. Due to the hollow fibers, alpaca wool ensures that the heat of the body is stored in the cold. At the same time, the fibers ensure temperature compensation at warm temperatures. The alpaca wool is obtained by the annual shearing of the animals so is animal-friendly and conscious.

The Lynn is made of the finest baby alpaca wool. This is particularly soft, skin-friendly and almost free of lanolin (wool fat), so that it is also tolerated by allergy sufferers. Alpaca blankets keep you warm in the cold and insulate and cool in the heat at the same time. With good care, the blankets have a very long service life due to their high quality and due to the fine structure of the fibers they do not fluff and there is no pilling.

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