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L'Evoine Cotton Dressage Pad Pastel Orange | Plain Cotton or Alpaca Under

L'Evoine Cotton Dressage Pad Pastel Orange | Plain Cotton or Alpaca Under

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This pad is the most unique and beautiful shade of orange, almost with a coral tint.

Elegant and timeless design combined with the best material properties.

Plain Cotton: The use of 100% cotton prevents heat building between the saddle pad and the horse's back. Soft, natural and undyed cotton molton provides additional comfort and improves thermoregulation. The sweat is absorbed by the horse. Like all saddle pads and half pads from L'Evoine, the cotton saddle pad is particularly ergonomically shaped and has high withers freedom. These properties are supported in combination with the L'Evoine alpaca fleece pad which is additionally shock absorbing.

The classic herringbone quilting is not only a distinguishing feature of L'Evoine but also helps to keep the cotton in shape after washing and under loads.

machine washable at 40 degrees
100% cotton
Made in Germany

Saddle pad with Alpaca:

The saddle pad lined with alpaca fleece has medical properties comparable to the well-known lambskin saddle pad. However, alpaca fleece is obtained by shearing the animals, so it represents an animal-friendly alternative to the conventional lambskin saddle pads.

Since no skin is processed, the alpaca fleece saddle pad is thinner and is perfect for horses with a sensitive saddle position, allergies or problems with sebaceous glands. These are proven to recede after a few weeks. Alpaca wool is thinner and lighter than sheep wool and has cavities that are excellent at storing moisture without feeling wet. The fleece has an absolutely thermoregulating effect and acts in summer like a real air conditioner.

The structure of alpaca wool is more curly than sheep wool, which is why it is shock-absorbing without being bulky. The rider sits close to the movement of the horse and can give sensible weight aids despite the shock-absorbing effect of the saddle pad.

As light as a feather, the alpaca fleece distributes the pressure under the saddle demonstrably evenly. Like all L'Evoine saddle pads, the alpaca fleece saddle pad is particularly ergonomically shaped and is cut extra high at the withers. It does not have to be unchambered again during training and does not slip.

Upper material: 100% cotton
padding material: 100% alpaca fleece
Machine washable on a wool cycle at 30 degrees


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