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L'Evoine Cotton Terry Blanket - Black

L'Evoine Cotton Terry Blanket - Black

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The terry cloth blanket is made from pure, high-quality cotton and is a companion in everyday (stable) life at any time of the year. The elegant, naturally shiny terry cloth absorbs the horse's sweat quickly and effectively after intensive training. In summer, the blanket soaked in cold water can be placed over the sweaty horse to cool down .

The sweat blanket is deliberately not shaped like a horse blanket because it does not need to be closed when riding. If the horse is placed in the box to sweat off with the L'Evoine Terry Blanket, a conventional blanket strap holds the sweat blanket in place.

Outside the stable, the terry blanket is suitable as a beach towel, picnic blanket or folded up as a surface for the dog thanks to its cozy feel and format.

machine washable at 60 degrees
Size 175x150cm
100% cotton

Made in Germany.

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